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If Only I Knew I Would Self Publish…

Jon Vallerand from Subsurface Games guest writes a blog about, "If Only I Knew I [...]

3 Tips to Maximize Your Playtest Sessions

Sam “King of the Hilltop” When it comes to running playtests for a game, you [...]

Your Mission, Help Your Community

Be part of your community and make sure you are there to help. [...]

To Miniature or Not to Miniature in Board Games?

What do miniatures bring to a board game? [...]

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Is Randomness Good for Board Games?

Can randomness in a board game be a good thing? [...]

What You Need to Form a Board Game Team

How many people does it take to form a team? Only one but maybe it's [...]

What Makes A Great Euro Board Game?

We discuss our opinion on what makes a great Euro board game. [...]

What Puts the B.A. in B.A. Games? How Does it Effect Our Board Games? Who is Manure Man?

The origin story of why we started B.A. Games, and what B.A. really stands for. [...]

Working With Your Brother In Board Game Publishing (Resolving Conflicts Without Bloodshed)

How my brother and I have used conflict to better our game and our work [...]

How to Divide Responsibility and Get Things Done, Hammer and Anvil

Dividing responsibility so that your game makes progress and you can achieve your goals. [...]