Changes are Happening

I am sure that our faithful blog readers have noticed that the blog has become inconsistent as of late. The reality is with fulfillment of Cult of the Deep, conventions, continued development on upcoming projects, selling Cult of the Deep and working to get as many copies into the wild as possible, things have become quite busy and hectic. We have decided that our efforts need to become a little more focused. We also don’t want to be the company that promises something and doesn’t fulfill that promise.

Originally, we intended to do a blog once a week come hell or high water. Well, that hasn’t always happened, and it has become more frequent as of late. After several discussion we are not removing the blog here on the website but are transitioning to a more stable, viable, and more interactive model.

That model entails the following.

  1. The blog will center on current project development. Currently that means a development blog on Forges of Ravenshire. Sam plans on doing these once to twice a month through a video format.
  2. We plan on increasing interaction through our Facebook B.A. Games page, B.A. Gaming Group on Facebook, and our Discord channel. These are places you can always chat and get a hold of us.

So, without further ado, here is Dev Blog #0 for Forges of Ravenshire.

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