Cult of the Deep Rulebook Change Log

The rulebook has been released but is not in its final form. This post is to let community members, backers, and those interested that we are tracking your input and will be using it to make a better end product. We will update the below information as we receive feedback.

Once the Kickstarter is over we will use the information below as a sort of check list. We will take these items and address them to the best of our ability one by one.

Please send all feedback to or

18 January 2021 update

  • Adding card back iconography next to card face in component list (pg. 1)
  • Clearer explanation of ritual marker placement on setup step 7 (pg. 2)
    • “ritual markers (red) on the tracks with symbols, equal to the number of players”
  • Defining the term cultist/player in Rulebook and cards (pg. 4,5)
  • Reminder to use wraith (red) dice when you become a wraith (pg. 10)
  • Clearly define wraith roll and response phase (pg. 10)
    • Wraiths do have response phases as it allows other wraiths to manipulate dice. However, the dice are never committed to the wraith.
    • Special note that Wraiths play their dice during other player’s turns.
  • Four player variant – clarify priorities for rituals commitments (pg. 13)
    • Clearer language
    • Potential for numbering Altar Boards
  • Four player variant – clarify when player takes over High Priest what rules they follow (pg. 13)
    • Once a High Priest is possessed, they are played like normal by the player, except they still roll 6 dice. Do not use the automated player rules.
  • Clarify win condition when death of Repentant Heretic dies, causing a Faithful/High Priest win. (pg. 5, 10)
    • Repentant Heretic does not win, they are the last to die in a High Priest/Faithful victory.
  • Rulebook card texts match cards (pg. 4)
    • High Priest card
  • FAQ page on Character abilities, Sigils, and Rituals
  • Contributor and Thank You page

9 February 2021 UPDATE

  • Death Order of operations – On Death Check for win conditions, if no win conditions are met player becomes a wraith.
  • Review numbering in component and layout section. Make sure numbering flow correctly
  • Update blood tokens and layout (stagger for visibility)
  • Update player count and associated role card. Clarify the table to be more functional and clear.
  • Pg 2 – Clean up sections, section references (I.E. reference see below and etc)
  • Pg 2 – Add put unused card in box, add in use alter boards based on player count.(add altar boards to player count) Specify wraith card set up.
  • Pg 2 – Look at “place a ritual” Vs “flip a ritual”. Update, specify, and make clearer ritual tracker cube and player count.
  • Pg 2 – Address “ritual coin” and look at turning into “all tokens or coins”
  • Pg 3 – Update ritual anatomy track and whether to add a cube on track with no symbol. Make sure picture matches rules.
  • Pg 3 – Look at symbols/actions Vs Symbols & Actions
  • Pg 3 – “Ritual Discard” to “Ritual Discard Pile”
  • Pg 4 – Label/Title Cards
  • Pg 4 – Look at reference numbers, and missing reference numbers.
  • Pg 4 – Resolving Dice is not rolling Dice – clarify
  • Pg 4 – Look to reword or clarify starting health and ability to go above
  • Pg 7 – Over commiting Dice – clarify/specify rule
  • Pg 8 – Clarify zero position of markers on the track as opposed to final position for altar and keep benefits

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