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Pursuing Themes in Board Games

Theme is arguably the most important single aspect to a game, here is why. [...]

What Puts the B.A. in B.A. Games? How Does it Effect Our Board Games? Who is Manure Man?

The origin story of why we started B.A. Games, and what B.A. really stands for. [...]

Working With Your Brother In Board Game Publishing (Resolving Conflicts Without Bloodshed)

How my brother and I have used conflict to better our game and our work [...]

Good Research Can Lead To Great Results In Board Games

How do you make a game go from good to great? With research of course! [...]

How To Find And Date Your “One True Board Game Artist” – Part 1

Sam “King of the Hilltop” How do you find that board game artist that really [...]

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Is Bigger Always Better When It Comes To A Board Game?

The old adage of bigger is better is not always the case in board games [...]

Taking Command of Board Game Manufacturing, Part II

A primer on board game quoting. Panda Game Manufacturing and Starry Games gave me permission [...]

Filing the Paperwork For A Business

Alright, you have decided to do it. You are going to start that company and [...]