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What You Need to Form a Board Game Team

How many people does it take to form a team? Only one but maybe it's [...]

What Makes A Great Euro Board Game?

We discuss our opinion on what makes a great Euro board game. [...]

How To Apply The Scientific Method To Board Game Design

Using the scientific method to better help you as a board game designer. [...]

Good Research Can Lead To Great Results In Board Games

How do you make a game go from good to great? With research of course! [...]

How To Find And Date Your “One True Board Game Artist” – Part 1

Sam “King of the Hilltop” How do you find that board game artist that really [...]

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Is Bigger Always Better When It Comes To A Board Game?

The old adage of bigger is better is not always the case in board games [...]

Killing Your Darlings, Fixing Your Board Game Design

Killing Your Darlings in board game design is difficult, but a necessary step to make [...]

Be Brave, Plan Ahead for Board Game Success

Whether you are creating a board game or preparing to launch on Kickstarter, we'll provide [...]

Taking Command of Board Game Manufacturing, Part II

A primer on board game quoting. Panda Game Manufacturing and Starry Games gave me permission [...]

Cult of the Deep

Today we are officially announcing our board game, Cult of the Deep. A hidden role [...]