We are giving away our last set of RPG Dice created for us by  Dawnbreaker Dice. This set is based on the Sorceress character, which is based on Mandy Pursley from Be The Spark Cosplay.  

Mandy has served as a major inspiration for B.A. Games. Sam in particular was inspired to live his dream of designing and publishing board games. These dice are a clear resin, with gold flecks, and have an orange ink. This set comes with two D20s.  

We wanted to do something special for Mandy’s set. One of Mandy’s favorite spells is Fireball. We all know when you play tabletop RPGs, Fireballs can get out of hand. There is a story you can ask her about sometime…The two D20’s represent this tendency of Fireball. One is matching to the rest of the dice and the second is lighter in color, has a liquid core, and represents the explosion of a Fireball.

Picture gallery below and the giveaway details below that..

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Choose Your Side!

We are adding one additional way to gain an entry into the Dice Giveaway. Anyone who does the below will automatically gain another entry into the giveaway!

It’s time to choose a side in the cult. We want everyone to tweet or post on Instagram, using  one of the images below. The tweet or post must include #cultofthedeep and at least 1 other hashtag, of your choice. Also, feel free to @bagamesco so we can track sides!

We are curious to see what sides people choose.

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