First, we want to say thank you for being here. Your support and enjoyment of the game, Cult of the Deep, is why we are here doing this.

In honor of that support, we are doing a special promotion. For the first 72 hours Cult of the Deep is live on Kickstarter, if you back the game at $35 or more, you will get a free set of 6 promotional dice to go along with your pledge.

Promotion Dice Kickstarter
Kickstarter Promotion Dice

These dice will be a Kickstarter Exclusive, available to any backer as an add-on during the campaign and in the pledge manager for $10. So if you or any of your friends are interested in getting these dice, as a thank you for your support in the first 72 hours, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the top of the page or click “Notify Me” on our Kickstarter page to remind you to back in the first 72 hours.

Cult of the Deep – Kickstarter Page

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