Landslide Victory

Our poll ended and Sigil of Reformation won by a landslide! For those who need a reminder of the ritual:

Sigil of Reformation – Discard all dice committed to one ritual or player. Choose a player to gain 4 life.

Note that this is not the final version and there will need to be more testing before it is ready for print.

If you are interested in doing some playtesting, leave a comment below. You can also join us on our Discord server at: B.A. Games Discord.

Next Week’s Poll

Next week on Monday, March 22nd will be the start date for our final Sigil poll. That will run until Thursday, March 25th @ 1am Central (UTC-5). We will run the poll in our Facebook group for Cult of the Deep, Cult of the Deep FB Group

We’ll see you then. Until next time…

-Sam Stockton-

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