Here at B.A. Games we wanted to give out a general timeline of events and what to expect for Cult of the Deep fulfillment. In order to do this we wanted to present the general outline and plan for some of the bigger milestones and events that mark our progress to fulfillment.

3 – 9 April – Open Pledge Manager – We have been working on the pledge manager and finalizing the details that needed to go into the pledge manager. The plan is to have what they call a “Smoke Test” in the next day or so. What this smoke test does is send out a small number of surveys to backers in order to have them use the Pledge Manager. This allows us to make sure we have not overlooked any issues, and ensures that when the pledge manager is completely open it is a smooth process for the backers. The Pledge Manager will be kept open for as long as we can. However, at some point we will have to close it and finalize all of the numbers for manufacturing. We don’t want to promise something and be left unable to fulfill that promise.

15 June – Finalize and submit all completed files to the manufacturer. We are currently in the process of finalizing and readying all files for the game to send to the manufacturer. This is a process and since we have added some new content, art, and upgraded components this includes playtesting all new content, finishing new art pieces, updating the rulebook, creating/changing graphic design files for embossing, embroidery, and UV Spotting. ALL of these have to be put into the correct file formats, altered to add the upgraded layout, and a thousand other small things that add up to what seems to be the never ending workload for our graphic designer. (You’re awesome David!)

15 August – Manufacturing begins – This seems like a long time between finalizing files for production and manufacturing beginning. There are several smaller steps to take account of between submission and manufacturing approval. During this time a small pre-production copy will be created and shipped to us for approval. Any adjustments that need to be made will be made and may require another small pre-production run before everything is set to our standard and both B.A. Games and the Manufacturer are happy.

15 October – Ship to Fulfillment Center – The waiting begins. This is really the part that along with the actual manufacture of Cult of the Deep is just waiting. Once everything is manufactured and assembled it will make its way from the manufacturer in China, and onto a wonderfully big boat. Between this and the actual manufacturing we are doing everything to set ourselves up for success but you never know when something happens. If you haven’t seen shipping news recently just google “Ever Given Suez Canal”. Things like this do happen and hopefully not to us. The other factor here is how long it takes to clear customs. We have been reassured that this rough timeline we have is reasonable.

15 December – Fulfillment Begins – The best part! Fulfillment. Fulfillment should begin once the product reaches the warehouse. The potential problem we have here is that it is the Christmas season. The amount of shipping delays and product that is being shipped everywhere causes a massive crunch throughout the whole chain. We will be fulfilling from warehouses in the US, Canada, France, and Australia. That is the current plan. This is subject to change but for the most part that should be relatively transparent to you as a backer. Still we have hope that even if you don’t get your product before Christmas, you should get it by Dec 31,  2021.

If you have any questions please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to delivering Cult of the Deep into your board gaming hands.

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