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Timeline for Cult of the Deep Board Game

Here at B.A. Games we wanted to give out a general timeline of events and [...]

Prepping Your Media Folder For Content Creators

Getting Your Crap Together It’s not really crap. It’s the culmination of all the blood, [...]

Stretch Goals

The current focus of B.A. Games is on our Cult of the Deep Kickstarter. Multiple [...]

Communion – Part 3, “A Bountiful Harvest”

If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2 yet of the story, please read that [...]

Kickstarter Is Coming

Campaign Launches February 2nd The time has arrived and will soon be here! The Cult [...]

The Sorceress Dice Giveaway

SORCERESS DICE SET GIVEAWAY We are giving away our last set of RPG Dice created [...]

Pre Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Notify Me Page Stretch Goals When we designed Cult of the Deep, we made an effort [...]

The Blood Mage

BLOOD MAGE DICE SET GIVEAWAY We are giving away a RPG Dice set giveaway based [...]

Rulebook Change Log for Cult of the Deep

Cult of the Deep Rulebook Change Log The rulebook has been released but is not [...]

The Merchant

It is a Tuesday in January, so that means it is time to give away [...]