We thought we would spend a little time on today’s blog to talk specifically to the Herald of the Deep Pledge Level Backers.

First, thanks for allowing us to provide you with something that we think will be truly epic. If you have any questions or want a personal update, just drop us a line on one of the social media platforms or our email and we will be happy to chat or provide any information we can.

We have a couple of planned updates as the plan comes together or milestones are reached but will not likely be a monthly occurrence, but on to the update!


Last week we had a meeting with Dawnbreaker Dice to sort out all of the details and timelines. We have had several discussions but it was good to sit and hash out all the fine details and officially determine all of the Dice Designs. All dice designs have now been officially developed and we are more then happy in what should be an amazing result and can’t wait to show them to you.

The first step in getting custom dice made is getting what is called the “Master Mold,” which is an exact replica of what you will be casting. Once the Kickstarter was funded we initiated this process with Dawnbreaker and good news, they have received the master mold dice. See below for some pictures.

The dice will be slightly larger then the 16mm base game dice. One of the main reasons for this is to provide more volume and space for dice design. It may not seem like a lot but only a 1 or 2 mm increase in dice size can make a huge difference in volume to play with and increase what can be done with the design.

As we speak, Dawnbreaker is in the process of making Master Molds from this set of Master Dice. Once multiple sets of molds have been made from these dice, they will begin the process of casting (which can actually be several pours for each die in a mold), demolding, quality control check, sanding (lots and lots of sanding), and finally inking of the dice symbols. All of this done by hand! Thank you Dawnbreaker!!

In closing, we look forward to sharing more as portions of the project move forward. If you ever have a chance to work with or get dice from Dawnbreaker, it is a phenomenal experience.

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